Around the time I was about ten, my great Uncle Donald ( not the famous duck! ) let me strum around on his Martin. I knew at the very point even though I had no clue to what I was doing, what instrument I wanted and needed to play. I wound up teaching myself and taking an ocassional lesson for the first five years of playing. Around that time I chose to attend William Paterson University and I began my classical guitar studies with Guy Capuzzo. While at school I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Richard Jacobowski, Seth Himmelhoch and perform in master classes for David Leisner and most notably Carlos Barbosa-Lima. It was also at this time when I managed to stumble onto playing my other main instrument, mandolin. These days I am not playing too much classical guitar, but I am busy with several other projects. Check out the Gigs page for more info on what I am up to.

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